Spiced Apple Compote


Following on from our theme of turmeric based recipes, we bring you an unusual combination of stewed apples and turmeric.

Stewed fruits are an amazing way to boost your fibre intake, without resorting to the somewhat traumatic process of drinking a fibre substitute. Anyone that has dabbled in the never ending range of husks and extractions will know all too well the feeling of fear and disgust whilst trying to gulp down with fervour, what I can only liken to an artificially sweetened jellyfish that has managed to splice itself with a dish sponge, whilst giving birth to clag glue.

I've been getting really into turmeric as of late, and am falling more and more in love. The way it tastes and smells, the way it's amazing hyper-mustard colour seeps into all it touches, and the never ending list of healing benefits it possesses. This native Indian root is hailed as a strong traditional anti-inflammatory, particularly for bowel diseases such as colitis and Crohn's. Turmeric has also proven to reduce the presence of free radicals that contribute to arthritis and inhibit cancer cell growth. Not to mention being a traditional treatment for male baldness, and great for a woman's 'time of the month'.

This is not your average Apple Compote, it boasts a deeper more mature flavour that is sophisticated and exotic. The cinnamon is of course a traditional element, but add cloves and turmeric to the mix and you are left with a warm, spicy sweetness that is not only intriguingly different, but insanely good for you. In the past, Cloves have been known for their healing properties and are ranked one of the highest foods in the world to contain manganese. Manganese is an important dietary mineral that is high in antioxidants, great for skin integrity (collagen), and an aid in the formation of strong bones.

Apples are amazing fresh, but perhaps even more amazing after they have been marinated in honey, turmeric, cloves and lemon. Stewed fruits are considered golden foods that contain Ojas, in Ayurvedic cooking, an important 'life', so to speak, that is absorbed into your body once the food is digested. This life in turn gives you life, and makes your skin and heart glow.

Great served with our granola for breakfast, or with a big fat dollop of yogurt or cashew and coconut cream for dessert.

Spiced Apple Compote

6 green apples - peeled, cored and chopped

1 cinnamon stick

6 cloves

1 tsp freshly grated turmeric

2 tbsp honey

1 whole lemon cut into quarters

2 tbsp water

  1. Combine all ingredients in a pot and with the lid and cook on low for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Then remove the lid and stir. The apples should still be whole, yet soft.
  3. Remove the lemon.
  4. Let the compote sit until reduced in heat, then pour into an airtight glass jar, and refrigerate.
  5. When serving remove cloves. Leave the cinnamon stick in the jar.
  6. Will keep for at least a week in the fridge.