Cooking for Celiacs, Colitis, Crohn's & IBS can be tough. Between finding tasty recipes and making sure they are healthy, it can be quite a challenge. If you are actively involved in getting the word out there through your website or blog then you might like to earn a little extra by joining our Affiliates Program. Which lets you sell our books and earn 50% of the Sale as Commission! Follow the simple steps below and then download the thumbnail and add the affiliate link, which will allow your readers to purchase the e-books. E-Junkie registers these sales and you will get a monthly report and payment when sales have been made.

How to Join our Affiliate Program

1. Click here to register for E-Junkie (Our Affiliates Managing Program)


Our Account name is Elephant Publishing

2. Make sure to enter your Payment Details

We use Paypal to pay you, if you don't have a Paypal account you can sign up for a free one here

3. Get your Product Code to start Selling!

On your Affiliate Account screen, click "Get Affiliate Code"


Select "Elephant Publishing" as the merchant, click "Get Affiliate Code"


Copy this link to your website or desired sharing place, social media is fine.


All Done! Get ready to earn 50% Commission on all sales!


You can change the text of the link by editing the last section of the code ">Click here to visit Elephant Publishing</a>

You can use the plain text link for images as well with this beginning section of the code ""

Terms of Agreement

We pay our affiliates within 4 weeks of the month end (5-8 weeks)

Our method of payment is Paypal so please sign up here

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Affiliate Thumbnail

You can use this Thumbnail instead of the boring old hyperlink, if you want!

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