How long before I can eat normal food again?


This is one of the most frequently asked questions? So please indulge me while I address this in a round about way.

Firstly what is ‘normal’ food in contrast to ‘abnormal’ food on the SCDiet? SCD promotes a healthy unrefined diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables and protein. The foods on the diet can be purchased at any supermarket. But if you mean foods such as bread, rice, pasta and potatoes than the answer is not so easily defined. Some people who have followed a rigorous SCDiet for years have found that they can easily incorporate these foods back into their diet occasionally. By occasionally I mean perhaps once a month or even once a week, but certainly not on a daily basis. Again, moderation is the key.

I have been on the SCDiet since 2005 and am completely symptom free, but still follow the SCDiet.

At this point I have no desire for so called ‘normal’ foods as the diet provides such a variety of dishes and foods that can be eaten. Once you have experienced the abating of horrific symptoms such as constant diarrhea, cramping and sleepless nights and find yourself on the other end of the spectrum, a healthy and vital person; the risk of a relapse isn’t worth it.

That is not to say that on those occasions when my darling son (he has no digestive issues at all) has his weekly croissant, I do feel a little nostalgic. But when the time comes for me to have that croissant it better be the best croissant in the world. This I gather will be in some little french restaurant in France.

The results of eating on the SCDiet can be so significant for those who are willing to give it their one and all, and by that I mean 110%, that it is worth foregoing a little bread, rice, pasta or potato.

So the answer to the question is highly dependant on the individual. As symptoms abate and eventually disappear altogether, reintroducing some gluten free foods should be done over a period of time. Generally the digestive process and time it takes to fully digest foods is different to the foods, e.g. meat takes three days, fruit can take two hours. Starches and sugars can take three days. So the best bet is to try a little and let it sit for three days to see if any symptoms re-occur. AND, moderation is the key!