How to Eat an Elephant

As the year is rounding off and our responsibilities are rounding up, I find organisation imperative to the smooth sailing of this year into the next. Included in the hustle and bustle of the festive season's myriad of parties, gift-giving, adventure-taking and food consumption is a good 'something to hold on to'. What is this you ask? I mean a plan. A plan that you can follow and continuously refer to - to put the proverbial bumper bars up on the bowling alley of unorganised hell that could ensue.

Whether you are preparing to overhaul this Christmas/New Years with an SCD legal menu, or mentally preparing for your New Years resolution, a great aid is our Essential Healing Foods ebook. In addition, it is a great idea to read up as much as you possibly can about the journey that you are starting, have started or have been on for a while now. Knowledge is power and it is never a bad idea to keep your brain fresh on all there is to know about what's going on 'in there'.

Here is an article I wrote on "How to Eat an Elephant". It is a great place to start whilst touching up on a lot of the anxieties we all feel when trying something new or unknown. It can sometimes feel like you are about to try and consume an entire elephant, but if you work at it bit by bit and try not to loose sight of the end goal you can pretty much achieve anything.

Knowledge, inspiration, dedication and the support from your friends and family are key to your journey.

Happy Healing!

FlogSandra Ramacher