Ginger & Turmeric Hot Toddy


Never mind the radioactive colour, there is no cause for concern with this terrific Toddy. Both Ginger and Turmeric are hailed in Indian cuisines, and are an absolute staple for those travelling down the Ayuravedic road. Turmeric has amazing anti-inflammatory qualities, with only a small shaving of this root possessing enough magic to grow a whole tree.

This sweet and spicy elixir of life has aided me through slight throat tickles, and the momentous first heart break (Do not despair, I have loved again). A cup of tea cannot cure everything, but it can certainly keep your body happy and healthy, when you are having one of 'those days'.

The lemon and honey add a crisp tartness and fresh sweetness that cuts through the swirling, thick flavours of the spicy ginger and the bitter turmeric. Be warned that the taste varies according to steeping times, so if you are not into a strong infusion and have left it for an hour or two whilst scrubbing your hands of that fluoro yellow turmeric residue, you can dilute it with warm water.

Makes 1

1 tsp freshly grated ginger 1 tsp freshly grated turmeric 1 slice of lemon cut into quarters (thickly sliced) 1 tsp honey 1 ½ cups hot water

Combine all ingredients in a small coffee/tea plunger and let steep for about 10 minutes.