Apple Granola


In Australia we call granola 'muesli'. Actually I'm not sure if it's just semantics or whether there is a difference. The normal granola/muesli is meant to be very healthy, but looking at the supermarket shelves the other day, I read what ingredients are in "natural" muesli. Apart from the sugar, fats, preservatives in the dried fruit etc., the list is too long to mention. So even if you are not allergic to grains it is probably best to make your own. The same goes for Almond milk which bought by the carton contains cane sugar and gums. It actually takes less time to make your own then it does to go to the shop and buy it.

5 cups of mixed nuts (no peanuts) - soaked overnight and rinsed 2 green apples – peeled and grated ⅓ cup honey ⅓ cup coconut oil 2 tsp vanilla 1 tsp cinnamon 1 cup dates – chopped 1 cup shredded coconut 1 cup dried berries (blueberries are great) 1 cup flaked coconut

  1. Drain the nuts and then chop them one cup at a time in a food processor until they resemble oats.
  2. Place them aside in a bowl.
  3. Then combine the apples, honey, coconut oil, vanilla, cinnamon, dates and shredded coconut and process until chopped finely.
  4. Pour the mixture into the bowl of chopped nuts and combine well.
  5. There are two ways of making this granola. The best way is in a food dehydrator.
  6. Place the wet granola in small lumpy bits onto lined dehydrator shelves and dehydrate for 24 hours on medium heat.
  7. The other way is to place the wet granola onto lined oven trays and bake in the oven on the lowest temperature for 4 hours or until the granola is crunchy.
  8. Spread the flaked coconut onto a lined baking tray and bake on about 100°C/200°F for 10 minutes until they are a very light golden brown.
  9. Mix this with the dried berries into the dried and cooled granola mixture.
  10. Keep in an airtight jar and eat either with almond milk or as a snack.