Whole BBQ'd Fish


Whole BBQ’d Fish

Serves 4

1.5-2 kg/3.5-4.5 lb whole white fish (firm skin and flesh, de-scaled and gutted)


1 tomato (roughly chopped)

1 medium onion (roughly chopped)

½ cup parsley (roughly chopped)

3 large cloves garlic (grated)

1 tsp dried red chilli (finely chopped)

1 cup red seedless grapes (halved)

salt & pepper to taste

¼ cup virgin olive oil

butter (optional)

1 whole lemon (sliced into wedges for serving)

Combine all the ingredients for the stuffing except for the optional butter and lemon wedges.

If bbq’ing your fish, stuff the fish with as much stuffing as possible and then sew up the belly opening. I poke little holes into each side of the belly flap and use the soft wilted tops of the parsley stalks as twine.

If using butter place generous slivers of butter inside the belly as well.

To crisp the skin combine 2 tbsp of olive oil with generous amounts of sea salt and cracked pepper and rub into the skin, pressing the salt and pepper firmly into the skin.

Once your bbq is fired up and your charcoal is giving out a consistent glowing heat, place the fish onto the coals and sear the skin until slightly burned on each side.

Turn the fish every 10 minutes. Total cooking time will be around 20-30 minutes each side depending on the size of the fish.

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