The Smooth Road to Nutrition


Call me infantile, but sometimes I just couldn’t be bothered to chew. I just want a non-stop flow of flavours dancing in my mouth, with as minimal effort as possible. You know when you’re so exhausted after work/play/kids/exercise-whatever it is you fill your days with- that you just flop down on the couch, slack jawed, eyes lolling around in their sockets, too tired to even blink. The thought of preparing a meal and eating with a knife and fork like a real human being is almost torturous. So what to do? Liquify! Not your brain, almond meal! A simple process, not unlike milking a cow, can yield you a good supply of a great base to an array of smoothies. Smoothies are a great way to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs to snap back into action, whether it be relaxing on the couch or rushing out the door.

Here is a simple almond milk recipe from the new ‘Healing Foods Cookbook’ No.2 (hitting the shelves on the 17th of October), and a delicious smoothie idea with fresh strawberries and creamy banana’s. Also on the same recipe page (a digital copy of our in-print book) you will find an amazing Avocado and Papaya Smoothie recipe, that has more of a tropical feel with coconut milk/yogurt, and amazing fresh Papaya.

Another recipe on the page of lovely liquids, is my fantastic Flu Fighter- that will basically cure any ailment you may have, or fear you may get. Featuring of course, my all time favourite ginger, lemon and honey.

So there you have it, a gentle push to get you on the road to filling that belly and tingling those taste buds, without having to fiddle around with pots and pans, a stove or even a vertical posture.

Sit back, sip and enjoy!