Sweet Chilli Sauce


Sweet Chilli Sauce

These delightful sides should be just that- always by your side. I have a jar of each in my fridge at all times, and am constantly surprising myself with how well the deep aromatic spices of the sweet chilli, and creamy fresh taste of the dijonnaise harmonise with anything and everything.

Each of these beautiful sauces are ridiculously easy to whip up for last minute pop-ins and impromptu barbecues, or simply a fine accompaniment to ones morning eggs. For a Sweet Chili that packs an extra punch, leave the chilli seeds in. Free from nasty refined sugars, gluten and dairy, but certainly not free from taste.

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Makes 1 litre/4 cups

10 cloves garlic - minced

4 large red chilies - chopped

2 large red peppers - chopped

3 Tbs fresh ginger - grated

8 kaffir lime leaves - chopped

3 lemon grass stems - chopped

1 bunch coriander - chopped

300 g (1 cup) honey

4 Tbs water

100 ml (3 fl. oz) apple cider vinegar

50 ml fish sauce

1 tsp salt

Combine garlic, chilies, red peppers, ginger, lime leaves, lemongrass, and coriander in a food processor and process until finely chopped.

Combine honey and water in a medium size saucepan and heat until honey starts to simmer.

Add the paste, apple cider vinegar, fish sauce and salt, and simmer for about 2 minutes.

For a spicier sauce, try leaving in some of the chili seeds.

Refrigerate in an airtight jar.

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