I like iherb for some very great reasons: • Their prices are reasonable • They have all the top products • They ship to most parts of the world very fast • They offer an incentive scheme open to anyone in a very easy and user friendly way. No need to jump through hoops They were recommended to me by my GP, who has seen me through the ups and downs of having an auto-immune disease – and I trust her. I do wonder how iherb does it, being able to consistently ship my products to me within 10 days of ordering from the U.S. to Australia no less with free shipping! I love the fact that the benefits of an affiliation is spread around to all. So that means if you share your code with a friend you will get a credit with them which you can save or cash in. This is a win/win business model that I feel makes the world a better place.

These guys are great, and they ship very fast no matter where in the world you live (not sure about Timbuktu though). iHerb also has awesome specials and a really good range of healthy products Click here to see what I order from them on a regular bases.

They also offer really great Trial Pricing, so if you just want to try something you can get the first at a trial price!

Oh and don't worry about their shipping prices with nearly 95% off when you order more than $40.

Order $40 or more and receive super discounted shipping rates, plus a minimum 5% discount in your shopping cart.

(iHerb Shipping rates to Australia for up to 6kg are only $12.95!)