Cashew & Coconut Milk Yogurt


The coconut palm is often referred to as "the tree of life", as almost every element of this paradisiac drupe can be used in one way or another. It is no secret I am a die hard fan of the fruit (it is in fact not a nut, as commonly assumed), and find it not only a worthy substitute for dairy, but a sure rival of the Royal Guard in it's propensity to stand it's own as a confident cream. Not to mention the never ending list of health benefits it will throw at your face to boost supple skin(antioxidants), seep into your immune system(lauric acid, great antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities), flow through your digestive tract (great for acid reflux and stomach ulcers), and a great source of Iron (to help you travel through the depths of Mordor when Elven Steele is not on hand). As they say behind every coconut is an even better cashew. No, no I'm sure that's how it goes...Anyway, semantics aside, the cashews are a real treat when mixed with the coconut. They are a go-to for cream-like substances, and have a sweet nutty flavour that compliment both sweet and savoury. The essential good fats and oils in cashews are also great for your heart, skin and bones.

This Yogurt is pretty spot on when it comes to flavour, it's cold, it's creamy, it's got a slight tang. The vanilla bean punctuates the flavours nicely to create a sweeter option without having to add any sweeteners. This yogurt is the real primordial ooze to an array of dishes, I highly recommend partnering it with our Apple Granola/Muesli, our Chicken Tagine (omitting the vanilla essence), or a beautiful bowl of fresh fruit.

Cashew & Coconut Milk Yogurt


1 cup of raw cashews – soaked for 2 hours 1 cup of coconut milk 3 Tbs natural yogurt/or the recommended amount of non-dairy yogurt culture 1 vanilla bean – for sweet yogurt

  1. Drain the soaked cashews and blend with the coconut milk in a high speed blender.
  2. Place the mixture into a heavy bottomed sauce pan and bring to  80°C/180°F.
  3. Keep stirring the milk whilst heating.
  4. Then let the milk cool down to around 115°F/45°C.
  5. Add the 3 tablespoons of yogurt or the appropriate amount of yogurt starter.
  6. Incubate for 8 hours at around 110°F/43°C in a clean oven proof jar and then place in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours to set.