Brand Spankin' New Book


The time has arrived for a new Healing Foods Cookbook.

Every now and then I think it is important to touch base with not only those around you, but also with yourself. The you self. No matter what philosophical canon you hail, this incorporates mind, body and soul. So this is me, touching base with you telling you I’m touching base with me, and then also telling you to touch base with you. You get it?

In other words “Hey guys there’s a new cookbook about to come out! 7 years in the making! And all for you!!”

It is all too often the case that when one of your mind/body/soul areas is lacking, there are residual ripples to every finger and toe. This is why I think it is important to always be aware of, and assess that in which surrounds you. And that in which you consume, so it does not consume you.

Food is (obviously) such an important thing in everyones life, it’s so amazing the turns taken whereby we have Instagram accounts dedicated just to how splendidly it looks, or waiting lists for certain restaurants that span over a year!

I have struggled with my relationship with food for the first part of my life; of course wanting to eat barrels of scrolls and mounds of pizza, but I have had my own journey that has led me down many different paths. Much further from those scrolls than I would’ve liked. But just as everything does, when you have patience, diligence and inspiration, I have created my own amazing world of (scrolls and pizza) truly “Healing Foods”.

I was diagnosed over 20 years ago now, and have been in remission for nearly 10 years. Of course I have had my peaks and troughs but all in all, I feel so proud to be where I am. I am constantly overwhelmed and overjoyed when I get an email from one of you, and that I can offer some actual advice.

As my body and knowledge are developing, so too are my recipes! So I thought, why not revamp the cookbook?! It has been 7 years since the last release, and as you can imagine, I have clocked up some seriously delicious stuff since then. There will be a bunch of new recipes, as well as some staple favourites that nobody should live without.

I am SO excited to get this new Healing Foods Cookbook out to all of you! It will be out on the 17th of October, but to satiate your cravings I’ll be leaking a few recipes every week just to get those mouths juicing. Next week I will provide you with the details of how to pre-order your fresh off the printing press, brand new copy!

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