Healing Foods (2015) + Free Copy of Digital Version

Healing Foods (2015) + Free Copy of Digital Version


200 recipes entirely gluten free, grain free, starch free, refined sugar free and lactose free. These recipes adhere to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, Gluten Free Diet and Paleo Diet.

Not only do these meals conform to the above diets they are also greatly satisfying, delicious and completely “normal” dishes familiar to our everyday eating regime.

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After previewing Sandras cookbook, my only wish is that Elaine Gottschall was still alive to see this beautiful creation. Her ability or organize the essential ingredients, appetizers, snacks, main dishes, weekly and monthly cooking plans, will give people the confidence they need to heal themselves. Sick children always do better when the entire home is eating healthy. Sandra s book will allow families to eat the most gourmet meals, without spending an enormous amount of time in the kitchen. Thank you for this wonderful book and all your hard work. It was worth the effort! --Pam Ferro, President, Gottchall Autism Centre, Massachusetts

This book is an invaluable addition to the Specific Carbohydrate Diet library. There are many nutritious, delicious and imaginative recipes that will tempt even the most fussy eater. For example, the author goes to some lengths to include some very good recipes for children. The photographs are excellent, and accompany the text well. In particular, the weekly and monthly cooking plans will help those on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to effectively manage their meals and their cooking. I am very impressed with this book, and I am happy to support its publication. --Matthew Jackson, Moderator of SCDOZ, Australian/NZ SCD Support Group

Sandra Ramacher, from Australia has authored an exceptional SCD cookbook filled with one hundred beautiful photographs of her recipes. (nearly two hundred and all very appealing). Perhaps you are already aware of it. Sandra, who follows SCD, has shared her book with me and invited me to check recipes for compliance and strict adherence to Elaine's legacy. She was careful to invite other dedicated SCD key people to review it so she could publish with confidence and assurance that the recipes are clear and ingredients legal. It's a large collection, prefaced with vital information related to cooking and SCD and will have great appeal even outside the SCD community in my opinion. The recipes are in keeping with today's trends in food, elegant yet simple to prepare. Each photo is worth a thousand bites! --Carol Frilegh, Celiac. (on SCDiet for 7 yrs)